One of the more complicated elements of Eve is the Tech 2 series of items. While Tech 2 items are better in almost every way than the corresponding Tech 1 or Named T1 items, they have a complicated chain to keep prices high and supplies limited, ensuring that items remain in manufacture due to hefty profit margins for all involved in the supply chain.

Tech 2 components start with moon/raw materials. They're located by Moon Surveying, and mined with Player Owned Structures using Moon Harvesting Arrays. These Raw Materials are combined with other raw materials to form Processed Materials. Processed Materials are combined with other Processed Materials to form Complex/Advanced Materials, which are combined to form a Tech 2 component.

Each combination requires three basic things: reagents/ingredients, a reaction blueprint, and a POS set up to perform them.

At the POS, you'll need seperate Silos for each ingredient, an output Silo, and a Reactor Array. It's convenient to have a Corporate Hangar Array there (holds much more than a Silo, can hold multiple types of stuff). Put all the ingredients in their respective Silos (you'll need to specify Silo types in the tower's Production tab), put the reaction blueprint in the reactor, online the lot, and it'll process a fixed amount per cycle.

To see a list of the T2 components and what's needed to make them each step of the way, take a look at

In-house list: (Production trees coming soon)

Raw Materials aka moon minerals

Processed Materials

Advanced Materials

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