Release date: 24 March, 2015

The Scylla update brought a major change to the EVE launcher that cut hours off of the download time. The new 'download-on-demand' launcher only downloaded EVE's most basic files and downloaded the rest while in-game.

  • Added download-on-demand launcher
  • Changes to Strategic Cruiser subsystems
  • Conversation ISK charge has been reduced to 0 for new players
  • Changes to 'fighter' drones
  • 'Opportunities' new player tutorial has been edited-new opportunities added and existing ones updated[
  • Optimal range of 'Bouncer' sentry drones reduced
  • Changes to Ishtar Heavy Assault Cruiser (HAC)
  • New Victorieux Luxury Yacht ship awarded to winners of the Worlds Collide tournament
  • Fixes to the new Beta Map

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