Revelations, EVE Online's 6th official expansion
Release date: November 29, 2006

Revelations is the second major game expansion of Eve Online. Previously known by the codename "Kali," Revelations was scheduled to be released in three parts. Major features of this expansion include an exploration / scan probe system, a formalized contract system, the invention replacement for the Tech 2 research lottery, ship customization with "rigs," and temporary "combat boosters." Existing features expanded include a "new player experience" that grants new players a large head start in capabilities, an upgraded fleet system, eight new deepspace regions, a new map that zooms from ship to galaxy seamlessly, popular new battlecruisers and battleships, and many more.

Eve Voice was integrated as part of Revelations content patch 1.4, it had initially been planned for release with Revelations II. Eve Voice is a Voice over IP tool integrated into the Eve Online client, the software is licensed by CCP from Vivox.

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