Release date: December 4, 2012

Retribution brought a revamped bounty system, a new "crimewatch" system, added 4 new destroyer ships and a new mining frigate, rebalanced the frigate, cruiser and destroyer ship roles and improved enemy AI.

A list of the additions and modifications from the Retribution feature page:

  • A revamp of the bounty system, which deals out payment on financial loss
  • A revamp of the criminal warning system, dubbed "crimewatch" 
  • A rebalance of ships in the frigate, cruiser and destroyer classes
  • Addition of four new destroyers for each of the races with different attributes 
  • Addition of a new ORE mining frigate 
  • Improvements to the combat UI 
  • Improvements to NPC AI 
  • Addition of a new music audio system which works on location rather than a linear playlist. Removal of the jukebox 
  • Other minor features such as new items, the addition of a new safety system, a new salvage drone, and various performance improvements 

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