Republic Fleet

The Republic Fleet is the naval arm of the Minmatar Republic. It was formed from the surviving elements of the rebel fleet that gained the Minmatar their freedom. Though they don't have advanced weaponry and hi-technology like the other empires, they do possess a fierce spirit and clever tactics.


Minmatar ShipsEdit

Name Class Tech Level
Burst Frigate 1
Breacher Frigate 1
Probe Frigate 1
Reaper Frigate 1
Rifter Frigate 1
Slasher Frigate 1
Vigil Frigate 1
Republic Fleet Firetail Faction Frigate 1
Wolf Assault Ship 2
Jaguar Assault Ship 2
Claw Interceptor 2
Stiletto Interceptor 2
Cheetah Covert Ops 2
Hound Covert Ops 2
Hyena Electronic Attack Ship 2
Thrasher Destroyer 1
Sabre Interdictor 2
Scythe Cruiser 1
Bellicose Cruiser 1
Stabber Cruiser 1
Rupture Cruiser 1
Scythe Fleet Issue Faction Cruiser 1
Stabber Fleet Issue Faction Cruiser 1
Vagabond Heavy Assault Ship 2
Muninn Heavy Assault Ship 2
Rapier Recon Ship 2
Huginn Recon Ship 2
Broadsword Heavy Interdictor 2
Scimitar Logistics 2
Loki Strategic Cruiser 3
Cyclone Battlecruiser 1
Hurricane Battlecruiser 1
Tornado Battlecruiser 1
Sleipnir Command Ship 2
Claymore Command Ship 2
Typhoon Battleship 1
Tempest Battleship 1
Maelstrom Battleship 1
Typhoon Fleet Issue Faction Battleship 1
Tempest Fleet Issue Faction Battleship 1
Tempest Tribal Issue Faction Battleship 1
Panther Black Ops 2
Vargur Marauder 2
Wreathe Industrial 1
Hoarder Industrial 1
Mammoth Industrial 1
Fenrir Freighter 1
Mastodon Transport Ship 2
Prowler Blockade Runner 2
Nomad Jump Freighter 2
Nidhoggur Carrier 1
Naglfar Dreadnought 1
Hel Supercarrier 1
Ragnarok Titan 1

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