EVE Online is one of the most unforgiving MMO's currently available. It is a very unforgiving game where one mistake can cost you everything you spent the last few months earning, or a small find can give you enormous wealth.


This game is different from most other games in that you do not need to level up to make yourself better, nor do you need to grind enemies to gain experience. Instead, you buy (or earn through NPCs) skill books and train your skills in real time. Another major difference is that you do not “respawn” or get “revived” when you are killed. When you get killed, you lose everything that ship had, unless you are able to return and reclaim what is left, and possibly even lose your current character, with some of it’s implants, and some of the skills you have trained.


When you train skills, you will notice that some of these skills train faster or slower than others, this is caused by two different things. First is the training multiplier attached to a skill; the more advanced a skill is, the slower it will train. The second is the attributes of your character in relation to the attributes of the skill. Each skill has two attributes attached to it, a primary and a secondary. You can decrease the time required to learn skills by either buying implants or training up learning skills.


friends are important to new players, Make sure that if you have friends that play see if they can help you out a little

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