A microwarp drive (or MWD) is a module that provides a very large speed boost to a ship, in return for a heavy drain on the capacity of its capacitor. In addition, the microwarp drive consumes a large amount of capacitor when it is in use. It also has a penalty to signature radius meaning that you will be easier to target and missiles will cause more damage (if you signature radius was already smaller than the missiles explosive radius).

Despite all of these penalties, the benefit of huge speed boosts can not be ignored. With a Microwarpdrive, you can see ships pulling out over 500% more speed and even more with decent setups. Interceptors just for an example, using overdrives, nanofibres and a tech II or decent faction microwarpdrive can pull out speeds excessing 7000m/s. For this reason microwarpdrives are very popular allowing ships to easily intercept and get in range of their targets aswell as get away from situations.

The MWD will also allow you to thwart a Web / Stasis field.

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