Lag or Lagg, is when the amount of time it takes for data packets to be exchamged between the player and server becomes so great as to result in a noticable, negative variation in the way the game plays. Many things can cause lag, such as a slow internet connection, but it is usually due to high server load. The server tries to send and receive so much information at one time that it slows down for all of its users. This can lead to slow jumping, slow targeting, slow module activation and sluggish responses from the ship's controls and even server disconnections.

Lag can also be caused, as mentioned above, by PC problems creating a low data transmission speed between your PC and the server and a long response time, or latency. This drop in response times leads to sometimes unplayably sluggish gameplay.


There are a number of potential causes of lag. CCP is constantly researching ways to optimize server functions and reduce lag.

Hub systemsEdit

A hub system is usually busy and this means that the server handling this system is dealing with many pilots at the same time. This can cause lag, especially when trying to enter or exit the system.

Large-scale combatEdit

When combat breaks out between many ships in a close vicinity, a high amount of data is exchanged because of all the individual actions being committed and calculations being made by the server. This can often be a source of lag and can potentially limit the amount of ships participating in any battle.

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