Khanid innovation

Ganortchar Asabona, CEO

Khanid Innovation is a hi-tech research firm that has come up with many astounding discoveries in the past few decades. The company has always been at the forefront of weapon research thanks to the urgency in combating the threat of an Amarrian invasion.

Corp Information Edit

  • Ticker: KIV
  • Size: Tiny
  • Extent: Constellation
  • Headquarters: Khanid Prime V - Moon 1 - Khanid Innovation Factory
  • Offices: 1 in 1 systems
  • Shares: 425979156
  • Share price: 60
  • Share Holders: Royal Khanid Navy 51% / Lai Dai Corporation 30% / Zoar and Sons 15%
  • Activity: Hi-Tech
  • Partner: Propel Dynamics
  • Competitor: Serpentis Inquest

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