Ice mining is the process of removing ice ore from ice fields, which were introduced with the Exodus patch. Ice fields are similar to asteroid belts, but instead of containing asteroids they contain ice ore which you can only mine by using a Mining Barge fitted with Ice Harvesters. Ice belts are dotted around empire and 0.0 space. Ice found in 0.0 has more variations in the types of ore it refines to, but is rarer.

Types of IceEdit

The type of ore that can be refined is dependent on the region. Regions which belong to the Caldari State, or Guristas (who are located in Caldari 0.0 space), for example, will yield Ice products needed to run Caldari control towers. For example, Glacial Mass contains Hydrogen Isotopes which are needed to fuel a Minmatar Control Tower. White Glaze contains Nitrogen Isotopes, which are needed to fuel a Caldari Control Tower. These specific ores are generally found in their respective faction's space, so you will only find White Glaze in Caldari regions or 0.0 regions with Caldari NPCs such as the Guristas.

Common to all ice ores is that they give Liquid Ozone, Heavy Water and Strontium Clathrates, which are also essential fuels for a POS. The amount they give of each varies on the ore. Some ice ores will give more of one product than the others.

Mining BargesEdit

As stated earlier, you can only mine Ice with a Mining Barge and Exumers. Ice mining takes a very long time and each unit mined is 1000m3 in volume. Ice is reprocessed as would be normal ore in a station. Alternatively Ice can be processed in your POS's mobile refinery to give 100% yield.

Skills neededEdit

To mine Ice you will need:

To refine Ice without loss you need:


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