Just getting started? Welcome to EVE! You will shortly discover (if you have not realized already) that EVE has a huge learning curve. This guide is here to help you overcome this learning curve and help you start your career off on the right foot.

Creating a Character Edit

If you're just starting, you probably want to create a character that will let you get in the action quickly. Unfortunately, if you don't know how to use the EVE character creation you can make a character that will not be good to play for your trial. For more information, including a template to use for your first main, visit the character creation guide.

Your Tutorial Edit

When you first get in-game, you are led through a tutorial sequence and are then offered a set of tutorial missions. Finish these missions! Not only do they introduce you to EVE's complex interface, they also give you a taste of EVE's many professions. Do not be discouraged if you find some of the missions dull -- your persistence will be rewarded by a standings increase for your faction and an implant agent reward.

Choosing a Profession Edit

After completing your tutorial, you should begin to think about how you want to live your EVE-life. The professions guide will help you think about how you should invest in your future.


EVE-Online Player Guide: Your First Days in Space

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