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Possessing the largest cargo holds of any ship class in the game (around 40 times that of the best industrial class ships), freighters are very large and travel very slowly. They can take up long periods (over 30 seconds) to align for warp, and in warp, they travel very slowly (0.7au/s). This makes even moderately short warps (say 35 au) take nearly a minute in warp, and long warps in excess of 100au take over 2 minutes. Freighters are also entirely unarmed with no room for modification or expansion. Their unrivaled capacity for cargo transport, however, makes freighters very valuable commodities to corporations or players that need to move large goods or large quantities of materials from one place to another with a large escort. Freighters can carry many ships within its hold, provided they have been "packaged" for transport, but are incapable of carrying any capital class ships within their hold as the smallest have a packaged volume of 1 million m³, while the largest freighter can only carry 980,000 m3 with maximum skills. One freighter class exists for each major faction. Freighters cost between 750 million to 1 billion ISK to make (depending on the market value of minerals), however require around 5 billion ISK worth of blueprints and can take more than a month of construction time (for component parts and including around 11 days for the ship itself). Blueprint originals are normally used due to the excessively lengthy period of weeks that freighter blueprints take to copy, but it is not unknown for some enterprising individuals to produce a few blueprint copies once they have completed their own freighters in an effort to reduce overhead. These currently sell around 900 million ISK (this varies on the exact ship, different races have larger cargoholds which makes their market value greater), the price varying with current market prices of components and minerals.

Tech I FreightersEdit

Icon19 04Amarr Empire Icon19 01Caldari State
Icon19 03Gallente Federation Icon19 02Minmatar Republic

Tech II FreightersEdit

Jump FreightersEdit

Jump freighters are the latest generation of freighter. They are based upon their tech one counterparts but with significant enhancements. They are faster and more agile, with a larger capacitor. The main change however, is a large portion of the cargo bay has been taken over by a capital class jump drive, the same type used in carriers, dreadnoughts, supercarriers, and titans. This means that while the ship has around one third of the cargo capacity, it is capable of jumping between systems without the use of stargates. These ships still retain the ability to use normal stargates, and can be constructed in high security space.

Icon19 04Amarr Empire Icon19 01Caldari State
Icon19 03Gallente Federation Icon19 02Minmatar Republic

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