Fitting Screen

The Fitting Screen is a window that displays technical data about a ship. The Fitting Screen can be display by hitting its hotkey (default: CRTL-SHIFT-F) and by clicking the Fitting button while docked at a station with Fitting services.

Information Shown on Fitting ScreenEdit

  • Slots and what modules are fitted
  • Number of Rig slot and what rigs are fitted
  • Total capacitor amount and the recharge time from empty to full
  • Total/Used CPU amount
  • Total/Used Powergrid amount
  • Number of Launcher, Turret, and Rig hardpoints remaining
  • Maximum number of targets that can be locked
  • Shield, Armor, and Structure amount and resistances
  • Maximum Speed
  • Total/Filled Cargohold amounts
  • Total/Filled Dronebay amounts

If you are in a station with active Fitting services, you can change out the modules and rigs that are fitted into your ship.

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