The Ealur are a slave race within the Amarr Empire. They were the first race conquered following the Empire's expansion into space. Despite their long period of slavery, the Ealur remain both mostly enslaved and a distinct bloodline within the Empire.

The Ealur are a short, stocky race. Men average less than 1.5 meters in height while regularly weighing over 70 kg. Women are not much different, usually barely reaching 1.3 meters tall and weighing at 60 kg or more. The disproportionate weight comes not from fat, as generations of working in bondage has rendered them healthy, muscular, and very fit. They have white (pale) skin and yellow, curly hair, and two eye colors - blue and green, with bluer colors being somewhat common.

Being mostly slaves, their wardrobe choices are limited. Men and women alike tend toward loose-fitting, comfortable clothes that do little to emphasize body shape. Robes are uncommon, except for those Ealur lucky enough to be clerical slaves. Most wear simple trousers, shirts, and shoes.

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