Dusk and Dawn (also known as D2 for short) was an alliance formed from the previous G Alliance along with additional corporations from TRUST and the Imperial Republic of the North (IRON) after G Alliance's final battles in EC-P8R defending TRUST and its attempted invasion alongside IRON of Tribute, which was at the time controlled by the Forsaken Empire alliance.

Since D2 had military and commercial power in one alliance, they protected the north from interventions from the south. Together with other northern alliances, they build an antipole against the southern alliances.

Dusk and Dawn was based in the northern regions of the EVE galaxy, and was known to have active operations in Fade, Deklein, Venal, Tenal, Branch and Tribute regions. Dusked and Dawn closed down on July the 10th 2007, after few major corporations decided to leave the alliance.

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