At sub-capital levels there're 3 and 4 criss-crossing distinctions to be made; drone size category and race. In particular within size category (light/medium/heavy) there're racial variants that consist of characteristics that will have negative correlation between speed, tracking and damage. The scales of speed and tracking are vast enough within size category that they will overlap to extend that you may see better damage application (tracking) with bigger sized drone than smaller one. In addition racial characteristics of drones will include damage type (EM/Thermal/Explosive/Kinetic) which may appeal in fighting enemies with resistance holes. In balance of tracking/speed to damage the Minmatar lead with Amarr, Caldari and Gallente coming next, Gallente having highest damage. Despite apparent inter-racial weight classifications, Ammarian and Caldari drones will have significantly heavier tank, while:

  • Minmatarian tank will be foolproof in it's HP distribution between shields, armor, structure allowing them to tank any damage type as a result
  • Amarrian tank will at large be armor that will require repairs (unlike shields that refill upon docking to mothership), although is widely used as it comes before a steep drop in tracking/speed
  • Caldari tank will have lions share vested in shields which may be favorable in brawling in drone boat where tracking nor speed is particularly important at a standstill while shields may be recharged at instant without major distances to cover from target to mothership, drone targeting delay aside (they have to lock on)
  • Gallente drones have the weakest tank on average and tracking speed that may be surpassed by Ammarian drone of the next weight category

It is worth noting that on average in lieu of training drone operation of particular class to 5 as requirement to using tech two drones for significant improvements you very well may find faction drones of that race (racial navy issue going by various titles) at comparable price, but with twice the tank, better tracking with all else being equal but without benefiting from racial drone specialization skill bonuses to damage (at 2% increments).

Given that some drone boats will be able to field 3 heavy drones despite their smaller stature, due to increased bandwidth (25 for heavies, 10 for medium), the trade up is worth it as even heavy Minmatarian drones will outdo Gallente variants of medium size in everything other than locking and signature times/size. Although it is worth contemplating that at that point you may not quiet have the drone bay capacity to field comfortable amount of replacements to which end picking tankier variants may do well since even Ammarian variant will be able to compete against lower category of size.

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