Rough-Necks Inc Corporation formed by a CS Clan Rough-Necks when they migrated to Eve. CEO Valduane. Original founding members including Valduane are TheHerbster, Agent X, Dell, Coolsprog, Degarion Soth (CS name Lord Soth). Rough-Necks started small and eventually joined CFS Alliance. As one of the few PvP orientated Corps in CFS they quickly grew a reputation for defending CFS space valiantly. When M0o visited CFS space, RN engaged with all their might with TheHerbster taking down TWD.

After the M0o invasion had ceased and Conquerable stations appeared in 0.0, RN became dissapointed with the CFS management and politics and left CFS to become pirates in CFS space. Shortly after, the members were invited to join M0o and continued pirating under their new banner wit RN being run by Alts.

During the Great North War in BKG, M0o disbanded and the RN members rejoined RN and allied with BoB - then CCPand held their own during the war. In recognition of this, RN were invited to join BoB, and have stayed with them ever since. BoB now reside in NOL-M9 in Delve.

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