Claymore Technology Edit

An industrial corporation specializing in mining and T1 production.

History Edit

Many of the original members of Claymore Technology came from the industrial arm of the Angels Alliance, Angel Industries (AIRES). Before that many of our members were part of Angels of Retribution (ANRE). The decision was made to travel our own path when the Angels Alliance was dissolved. Our founding leadership consists of 4 directors Faltzs, F lar, and MadJock -- all former AIRES members and one new Director from outside the old operation, Kathaara.

Production Edit

Corp Quota Edit

The Corporation has implemented corp Ore quotas. These quotas, per member feedback, will be due the 1st and 15th of every month and are based on 2 Jet Cans of Veldspar. That is about 9 6000m3 hauler loads. For the convenience of our non-mining members the corp will accept 2.7 million ISK every two weeks in place of the Mineral / Ore Quota.

All ore and mineral quotas should be delivered to the Group Ops Hangar in Iyen-Oursta. Ideally, ore should not be refined as the corp member with the highest refinery skill currently will refine all corp ore. If you do need to fulfill your quota in minerals for hauling reasons it will just take a little more mining to make up for the waste when refining.

Rather than come up with a static list of age to quota amounts I suggest everyone who feels that the 2.7 mil quota is too large at their current stage of game play donate what they feel is appropriate. The corporation will expect this amount to grow by some amount each quota period until it reaches the 2.7 mil level.

Quota Break Down Details

Quota Calculator

Corporation Held BPOs Edit

Large Shield Extender I 0
Small Tractor Beam I 0

Privately Held BPOs Edit

These are BPOs privately held by our members that are available for corp use with the consent of the Blueprint holder. Please contact the appropriate member for more information.

For individual listings please see the Private BPO List.

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