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Core complexion

Enoksur Steidentet, CEO

The great success story of Minmatar business, Core Complexion is one of very few Minmatar corporations that have managed to succeed on a universal scale. The company combines innovative designs with cost-effective production methods to create equipment that gives much bang for the buck.

Corp Information Edit

  • Ticker: CCI
  • Size: Huge
  • Extent: Global
  • Headquarters: Aldagolf V - Core Complexion Inc. Warehouse
  • Offices: 90 in 55 systems
  • Shares: 10724682014
  • Share price: 95
  • Share Holders: Sebiestor tribe 40% / Bank of Luminaire 20%
  • Activity: Manufacture - Warehouse
  • Partner: Chemal Tech
  • Competitor: Thukker Mix

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