Disrupts the target ship's navigation computer which prevents it from warping.

Caldari Navy Warp Disruptor
Icon04 09
Warp jammers disable the warp drive operations of the targeted ship.
Icon02 10
Mass: 0 kg
Icon02 09
Volume: 5 m3 packaged
Icon22 08
Activation Cost: 25 Energy
Icon22 16
Activation Time/Duration: 5,000 ms
Icon07 12
Base Price: 39,424 ISK
Icon07 15
Meta Level: 7
Icon22 15
Optimal Range: 24 km
Icon22 10
Overload Optimal Range Bonus: 20%
Icon09 16
Tech Level: 1
Icon12 07
CPU: 40 tf
Icon22 08
Powergrid: 1 MW
Icon08 10
Slot Type: Mid
Required Skills
Primary Skill Required
Icon06 01 Propulsion Jamming I
Spacer Icon06 01 Electronics III
Spacer Icon06 01 Navigation II
Material / Mineral
Icon06 16 Isogen: 177
Icon06 12 Mexallon: 301
Icon06 15 Pyerite: 267
Icon06 14 Tritanium: 452
Icon11 11 Zydrine: 2
Module Class
Icon04 09 Warp Jammers

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