The Caldari Carrier skill allows a pilot to fly carriers and Supercarriers of the Caldari State.

Caldari Carrier
Icon50 11
Skill at operating Caldari carriers.
Icon02 09
Volume: 0.01 m3 packaged
Icon22 16
Training Time Multiplier: 14
Icon07 12
Base Price: 500,000,000 ISK
Required Skills
Primary Skill Required
Icon06 01 Capital Ships III
Spacer Icon06 01 Advanced Spaceship Command V
Spacer Spacer Icon06 01 Spaceship Command V
Secondary Skill Required
Icon06 01 Caldari Battleship V
Spacer Icon06 01 Spaceship Command IV
Spacer Icon06 01 Caldari Cruiser IV
Spacer Spacer Icon06 01 Spaceship Command III
Spacer Spacer Icon06 01 Caldari Frigate IV
Spacer Spacer Spacer Icon06 01 Spaceship Command I
Tertiary Skill Required
Icon06 01 Drone Interfacing V
Spacer Icon06 01 Drones V

Caldari Carrier Level RequirementsEdit

Level 1 Required For
Level 3 Required For

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