BRSB is the biggest fictional alliance (Alliance of Alliances) on EVE Online and famous for suddenly jumpstarting in the power vacuum of the Great EVE War of Goonswarm vs. Fatal Ascenscion and RAZOR Alliance in 2013.

We dont speak about it.

BRSB was founded by the representative leader of Omni Modus Citadel of Light Corporation on EVE Online and is the official representative on EVE Online for the & Omni Modus (wiki project) in real life. It serves as a centre for real life charity work involving SOS Childrens Villages, One Laptop Per Child, Amnesty International, Fairphone, Anonymous, Norwegian People's Aid, Radi-Aid (Africa), Indira Gandhi National Open University.

BRSB even takes donations in the form of ISK.

In-game BRSB works primarily with whitewashing ISK, Bitcoin, Gold, precious metals and gems, Swiss Francs, US dollars, Euros, and entheogenic drugs (mushrooms, cannabis etc) through station trading EVE PLEXes and Titan ships + online recruitment & spreading information.

BRSB the only Alliance whos members all entirely play with the use of EVE passes instead of real money and is supported by the Icelandic Government and CCP Games (Around the time of the merger with Paradox Interactive, Success Corporation (JP), ImpactGames, BioWare, K2 Network, FunCom & NCSOFT).

BRSB are supporters of:

-Native linux clients for EVE Online and Dust 514

-Official EVE iPhone app

-Upgrading server(s) for use in Africa, Asia and Latin Americas.

-Releasing source code of EVE Online and Dust 514.

Current Diplomatic TiesEdit

BRSB (in alliance with Northern Associates and RvB - BLUE Republic) uses Fatal Ascenscion as a puppet as means of running small, random and frequent hit n run attacks on Goonswarm and stealing titans through a glitch in the Goonswarm organizational structure.

Its main enemies are Goonswarm, Gentlemens Agreement & Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere and all their allies and affiliates, but this is largely unkown for them. It considers any friend of its allies allied, and any enemies of its allies, enemies. Unofficially of course.

The Great EVE WarEdit

Already escalating the Anti-Goon raids, BRSB became united as the young alliance helped Solar Fleet clearing out Querios for them, quickily eliminating Pandemic Legion, starting diplomacy with N3 and started crashing every marketplace by selling objects for wierd similar numbers (ie. 44444444 isk or 7777777 isk) as prices.

Proceding to take Delve, then Geminate from Legion of Death, pushing Gentlemen's Agreement away from Vale of the Silent to Tributa, most of the markets are now under BSRB control.

Member AlliancesEdit

-Against All Authorities

-Brave Collective

-Brothers of Tangra

-Darkness and Despair


-Gatekeepers Universe

-Get Off My Lawn

-Legion of Alts

-Northern Associates

-New Eden Research

-Rebel Alliance of New Eden

-RED Federation


-Solar Citizens Fleet

-Spaceship Samurai

-The Unthinkables

-Tribal Band


External LinksEdit - Current official Omni Modus wiki

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