Asteroid BeltEdit

An asteroid belt is a collection of asteroids. There usually an asteroid belt in each system, places such as Jita have none.

Different asteroid belts hold differing amounts of ore. Asteroid belts in lower security hold more valuable ore than asteroid belts in higher security. Ice is found in asteroid belts and can be mined for more exotic substances. Mining for ice requires a special Exhumer class ship and the appropriate Ice Harvesters.

What do the belts containEdit


You can tell how many belts are in a system by right-clicking in empty space and moving your mouse to asteroids, from there you can warp to any belt in the system. You cannot, however, find out what asteroids are in the belt until you arrive.

Some people set up the overview in a tab to only show asteroids. When the list is organized in alphabetical order it is relatively quick and easy to see how many of what type of asteroids there are.

Survey scanners are used to determine how much ore is contained within the asteroids. Survey scanners have a max range and you need to close with the asteroid before you can scan it. Survey scanners scan everything within their range and provide a readout of how much ore is in each asteroid and their relative distance. The readout does not update on its own and ore composition will not change until a mining cycle has been completed or canceled.


Asteroid Belts are an attraction to Miners, rats, pirates, can tippers, and gankers.

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