The Anti-Em Pump II gives a boost to Armor EM resistance at the expense of Maximum Velocity

Anti-EM Pump II
This ship modification is designed

to increase a ship's armor EM

resistance at the expense of

max velocity.

Icon02 10
Mass: 200 kg
Icon02 09
Volume: 5 m3 packaged
Icon09 16
Tech Level: 2
GraphicID 0 grey
Meta Level: 5
GraphicID 1396 grey
EM Resistance: +35%
GraphicID 0 grey
Drawback: -10%
GraphicID 0 grey
Calibration Cost: 75

Required Skills
Primary Skill Required
Spacer Icon06 01 Armor Rigging IV
Spacer Icon06 01 Jury Rigging III
Secondary Skill Required
Spacer Icon06 01 Mechanic III

Armor Rigs

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