This is an alphabetical list of ships in the game, correct as of 14th December 2006.

Absolution Amarr Command
Aeon Amarr Carrier
Amarr Shuttle Amarr Shuttle
Anathema Amarr Covert Ops
Apocalypse Amarr Battleship
Arazu Gallente Recon
Arbitrator Amarr Cruiser
Archon Amarr Carrier
Ares Gallente Interceptor
Armageddon Amarr Battleship
Astarte Gallente Command
Atron Gallente Frigate
Augoror Amarr Cruiser
Avatar Amarr Titan
Badger Caldari Industrial
Badger Mark II Caldari Industrial
Bantam Caldari Frigate
Basilisk Caldari Logistics
Bellicose Minmatar Cruiser
Bestower Amarr Industrial
Blackbird Caldari Cruiser
Breacher Minmatar Frigate
Brutix Gallente Battlecruiser
Burst Minmatar Frigate
Bustard Caldari Transport
Buzzard Caldari Covert Ops
Caldari Shuttle Caldari Shuttle
Caracal Caldari Cruiser
Catalyst Gallente Destroyer
Celestis Gallente Cruiser
Cerberus Caldari Heavy Assault
Charon Caldari Freighter
Cheetah Minmatar Covert Ops
Chimera Caldari Carrier
Claw Minmatar Interceptor
Claymore Minmatar Command
Coercer Amarr Destroyer
Condor Caldari Frigate
Cormorant Caldari Destroyer
Covetor ORE Mining Barge
Crane Caldari Transport
Crow Caldari Interceptor
Crucifier Amarr Frigate
Crusader Amarr Interceptor
Curse Amarr Recon
Cyclone Minmatar Battlecruiser
Damnation Amarr Command
Deimos Gallente Heavy Assault
Dominix Gallente Battleship
Drake Caldari Battlecruiser
Eagle Caldari Heavy Assault
Enyo Gallente Assault
Eos Gallente Command
Erebus Gallente Titan
Eris Gallente Interdictor
Executioner Amarr Frigate
Exequror Gallente Cruiser
Falcon Caldari Recon
Fenrir Minmatar Freighter
Ferox Caldari Battlecruiser
Flycatcher Caldari Interdictor
Gallente Shuttle Gallente Shuttle
Griffin Caldari Frigate
Guardian Amarr Logistics
Guardian-Vexor Gallente Cruiser
Harpy Caldari Assault
Hawk Caldari Assault
Hel Minmatar Carrier
Helios Gallente Covert Ops
Heretic Amarr Interdictor
Heron Caldari Frigate
Hoarder Minmatar Industrial
Hound Minmatar Covert Ops
Huginn Minmatar Recon
Hulk ORE Exhumer
Hyperion Gallente Battleship
Imicus Gallente Frigate
Impel Amarr Transport
Incursus Gallente Frigate
Inquisitor Amarr Frigate
Ishkur Gallente Assault
Ishtar Gallente Heavy Assault
Iteron Gallente Industrial
Iteron Mark II Gallente Industrial
Iteron Mark III Gallente Industrial
Iteron Mark IV Gallente Industrial
Iteron Mark V Gallente Industrial
Jaguar Minmatar Assault
Kestrel Caldari Frigate
Lachesis Gallente Recon
Leviathan Caldari Titan
Mackinaw ORE Exhumer
Malediction Amarr Interceptor
Maller Amarr Cruiser
Mammoth Minmatar Industrial
Manticore Caldari Covert Ops
Mastodon Minmatar Transport
Maulus Gallente Frigate
Megathron Gallente Battleship
Merlin Caldari Frigate
Minmatar Shuttle Minmatar Shuttle
Moa Caldari Cruiser
Moros Gallente Dreadnought
Muninn Minmatar Heavy Assault
Naga Caldari Battlecruiser
Naglfar Minmatar Dreadnought
Navitas Gallente Frigate
Nemesis Gallente Covert Ops
Nidhoggur Minmatar Carrier
Nighthawk Caldari Command
Nyx Gallente Carrier
Obelisk Gallente Freighter
Occator Gallente Transport
Omen Amarr Cruiser
Oneiros Gallente Logistics
Osprey Caldari Cruiser
Phoenix Caldari Dreadnought
Pilgrim Amarr Recon
Probe Minmatar Frigate
Procurer ORE Mining Barge
Prophecy Amarr Battlecruiser
Prorator Amarr Transport
Providence Amarr Freighter
Prowler Minmatar Transport
Punisher Amarr Frigate
Purifier Amarr Covert Ops
Ragnarok Minmatar Titan
Rapier Minmatar Recon
Raptor Caldari Interceptor
Raven Caldari Battleship
Retribution Amarr Assault
Retriever ORE Mining Barge
Revelation Amarr Dreadnought
Rifter Minmatar Frigate
Rook Caldari Recon
Rokh Caldari Battleship
Rupture Minmatar Cruiser
Sabre Minmatar Interdictor
Sacrilege Amarr Heavy Assault
Scimitar Minmatar Logistics
Scorpion Caldari Battleship
Scythe Minmatar Cruiser
Sigil Amarr Industrial
Skiff ORE Exhumer
Slasher Minmatar Frigate
Sleipnir Minmatar Command
Stabber Minmatar Cruiser
Stiletto Minmatar Interceptor
Taranis Gallente Interceptor
Tempest Minmatar Battleship
Thanatos Gallente Carrier
Thorax Gallente Cruiser
Thrasher Minmatar Destroyer
Tormentor Amarr Frigate
Tristan Gallente Frigate
Typhoon Minmatar Battleship
Vagabond Minmatar Heavy Assault
Vengeance Amarr Assault
Vexor Gallente Cruiser
Viator Gallente Transport
Vigil Minmatar Frigate
Vulture Caldari Command
Wolf Minmatar Assault
Wreathe Minmatar Industrial
Wyvern Caldari Carrier
Zealot Amarr Heavy Assault

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