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About NBSI Alliance Edit

Long Name: Not Blue Shoot It Alliance
Short Form: NBSI
Description: Not Blue Shoot It - sorta says it all :). NBSI is a small combat alliance with proud warriors. [NBSI] claims the northern region of Tenal.
Website: NBSI
EVE Info Page:
Contacts: Cartiff, DJ lightning, Nyxus, Parity, Lunas Feelgood

Political Edit

Traditional Regions Controlled: Tenal
Form of Government: Dictatorship
Traditional Allies: Phoenix Alliance [PA] , Forsaken Empire[FE] Traditional Enemies: 5,ASCN
Piracy: Isolated instances
Corporations of Note: Black Lance, Euphoria Released, Maza Nostra, Occassus Republica, S.A.S, GALAXIAN, Edge of Death, An Eye For An Eye, Dark Assassins

Economic Edit

Self-sufficient pilots. Little alliance-wide industry.

Stations: NPC
Ores: Crokite/Mercoxit/Bistot/Dark Ochre
Manufacturing: 2 conquerable stations focusing with manufacturing capabilities

Military Edit

Military: Masters of modern Warfare
Notorius combat pilots: Cartiff, DJ lightning, Voltron, Escador, Painball, Lunas Feelgood, Will Fireblade, Parity, Zincol, Brigitte, Christoper Multisanti

Most used ship: Tech 2 Frigates

Most deadly pilot: Will Fireblade

Killboard: NBSI killboard

History Edit


NBSI was formed with the division of Xetic into ASCN, XF and splinter corporations. 3 PVP corporations from Xetic decided to leave behind all the politics and meetings of Xetic and form a new alliance based on PVP and fun above all else.

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