About the Maelstrom Alliance Edit

Long Name: Maelstrom Alliance
Short Form: - M -
Description: Little is known about the identities of the corporations and pilots of the Maelstrom Alliance, though it is understood they come from all the races. The Maelstrom pilots are quite elusive and even venture far from their bases from the region's in which they inhabit.

The only information currently known about their government is that a sole leader named Emperor Maelstrom commands all major aspects within the ranks of the alliance. It is said their technology advancement programs are extensive as well as their combat divisions, however any sub-command structure details still remain at large.
Website: (Works ingame)
EVE Info Page:
Contacts: Sivaz, Gaius Xenon

Politics Edit

Traditional Regions Controlled: Northern half of Immensea
Form of Government: Republic
Traditional Allies: CHIMP LV -V- STFU UNITY
Traditional Enemies: RA AAA
Piracy: Traditonial anti-piracy
Corporations: Maelstrom Enterprises, Vortex, Frontline Defense Force, Total Mayhem, The Four Aces, Standard Operations Building Services, Deep Space Consortium, DarkVengeance, XMX Corp

Economics Edit

Stations: I-NGI8
Ores: All ores
Manufacturing: Hulk, Hawk.

Military Edit

Military: Classified.

History Edit

History: Summary being written..

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