About Lokta Volterra Edit

Long Name: Lotka Volterra
Short Form: -LV-
Description: Founded shortly after the sundering of The Five. Settled in Tenerifis, and later Omist.
Website: Lotka Volterra Website
Contacts: Nebba Kenezzer, Chowdown, Velios, The Enslaver

Politics Edit

Traditional Regions Controlled: Tenerifis, Omist, Detorid, parts of Cache.
Traditional Allies: -V- CHIMP
Traditional Enemies: RA
Piracy: Usually condoned.
Corporations of Note: Shinra, M. Corp, Quam Singulari, Black Reign, FATAL REVELATIONS, UK Corp, adeptus gattacus, Delta Team, Legio Invicta Nova, Crisis Corp, FinFleet, The Galactic Empire, FireStar Inc.

Economics Edit

Stations: P7-45V, 77S8-E, O-G8NO, DG-8VJ, O-W778, JV1V-O, G-DON3, 9-98OU, NZW-ZO, 66-PMM, Z7-OK1, 6T3I-L, D2EZ-X, DZ6-15, C3-OYD. (subject to heavy change)
Ores: All ores
Manufacturing: Capital ships, and many Tech II ships and modules.

Military Edit

Military: Formidable. Founding corps Shinra and M. Corp were both former corps of The Five, and (especially Shinra) have considerable PvP experience. A selective recruitment policy has ensured only the most military and industrial capable corporations join -LV-.

History Edit

History: After The Five decided to abandon their southern territories having waged a long POS war with Red Alliance, Shinra and M. Corp decided to leave the alliance and form their own with the objective of controlling space. Along with UK Corp (who had aided Shinra and M. Corp in their occupation of Cache) they invaded and conquered Tenerifis, which at the time was under the control of the FSA.

Since then, Lotka Volterra has expanded both territorially and in size. The alliance holds territory from Omist (which was seized from Stain Empire) right to the most eastern edges of Cache (seized from Red Alliance).

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