About Ascendant Frontier Edit

Long Name : Ascendant Frontier
Short Form : ASCN
Description : One of the largest alliances established in EVE.[citation needed]
Website :
Contacts: CYVOK

Politics Edit

Traditional Regions Controlled by Ascendant Frontier : Feythabolis.
Form of Government: Unknown
Traditional Allies: LV AXE
Traditional Enemies: BoB
Piracy: Anti Piracy
Corporations of Note: Celestial Horizons Corp.

Economic Information Edit


Military and Wars Edit


War HistoryEdit

September 2006Edit

October 2006Edit

December 2006Edit

On December 11, 2006, at 18:36:00 Band of Brothers destroyed Steve, the first titan ever built in-game, in the C9N-CC system. SirMolle of BOB publicly announced that they had blown it up while the pilot was offline due to a glitch.


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